Your partner in online solutions

Berg Interactive specialises in the development of online solutions such as websites, web shops, intranets and other custom-made software applications.

Apart from providing development and implementation, Berg Interactive can support you with project management and consultancy regarding interaction design, the integration of applications and other technical or functional issues in the field of web development.



Whether it concerns an internal or an external application, we believe user-friendliness of the application has a positive effect on the results and the reputation of organizations and companies alike. After all, an application that is easy to use and to manage, performs well and delivers the expected results, is a pleasure to work with, and contributes to efficiency and a professional image of your company. The key to success is the functional and technical blueprint, based on an accurate analysis of your needs and requirements.


Your result is our goal

At Berg Interactive we like to go straight to the point, which for us, is your result. With a proactive approach, expertise and high-quality technology, we want to supply you with applications that work for you, perfectly integrate with existing automation, suit your working methods and contribute to your online success. Need advice only? We are more than happy to help you on your way by sharing our experience and knowledge.    


Our strength

Our “straightforward” approach guarantees an efficient and transparent working process that aims at creating structure, while never losing sight of your needs and objectives. Good communication is key. During the process we will let insights guide us towards the perfect solution for your problem. We will lead users to results with an invisible hand by creating smooth interaction between the technology and its users. In everything we do, we aim at delivering quality and service. After the project is finished we would like to continue to contribute to your online success by keeping you up-to-date with the newest technologies. We therefore continuously invest in innovation of our products and services.