Good Drupal management should unburden

We manage and maintain Drupal websites and applications proactively. We ensure that they are always online, monitor the speed and implement Drupal updates. If we think that improvements can be made based on new developments, we will contact you. When going live, we provide basic training for users and we are also available for support. Questions and changes can be passed on via our ticket system and we are always available by mail and telephone. You do not have to wonder whether it can be done better, that is good Drupal management.

Drupal maintenance

Switch over to affordable maintenance now

We can manage your website on your existing hosting and carry out periodic maintenance such as updates or we can move your website to our hosting where we also monitor the uptime and performance. If you are considering switching, we will perform a free audit on your website. Afterwards, we will be able to make you a suitable offer and it will give you insight into whether your Drupal installation needs improvement.

Due for a Drupal migration?

If your Drupal installation is not yet running on Drupal 8 or 9, it is important to have it migrated. As of November 2023, Drupal 7 will no longer be supported and there is a risk of security vulnerabilities. From Drupal 8, the basis on which Drupal is built has been adjusted in such a way that it provides a lot of improvements, but unfortunately no simple update can be performed. The new basis also makes it so that future Drupal versions will no longer require migrations. A migration can be simple and cheap if your Drupal installation uses mostly standard options. It is also a good time to consider an update of the design, search engine optimization or other improvements. Contact us to have your Drupal installation assessed and to receive a non-binding quotation for a migration. Based on our audit and quotation, you will in any case gain insight into the options and costs to inform further decisions.