Our Approach

Our approach

Straightfoward to online success

Each project starts with an intake. In this session we map your needs and define the scope of the assignment.

Based on that, we create the blueprint of the application that needs to be developed and implemented. If possible, we will use standard applications and if neccesary, develop custom-made solutions. During the project, we will be using an online project management system for keeping you informed about the progress we are making. This also allows us to work together and document files in an efficient way. In general, we apply the same working method for each assignment but for small-scale projects we may decide to combine certain stages of the project in one phase. 

1 intake

What are the requirements?
Together we determine what your needs are, which results we are aiming at and which conditions have to be taken into account.
By asking the right questions and by listening carefully, we collect the required functional and technical information. For example: Who will be using the application? Does the application have to be connected to internal or external systems? What is the desired output? Which working methods are we dealing with? Based on that, we analyse the information and brainstorm about the right approach and the ideal solution.

2 Design

How will the application be working?
Based on the analysis and brainstorm we create a functional design.
This blueprint aims at visually demonstrating how the application will be working and includes a definition of the requirements the application needs to fulfil. In more complex cases, we prefer creating a prototype in order to simplify the process and get better insights, which will help us in defining the scope of the assignment.

3 Development

Starting the job
In this phase we develop the application according to the design.
We stay in close contact with you in order to be able to immediately tackle issues that may arise during the process and to present you with intermediate results. Depending on the size of the project, we will organize intermediate evaluations, based on which we will put our assess together if the project is still running according to expectations.

4 Implementation

Ready for use!
The application has been thoroughly tested and is technically ready.
If necessary, connections to internal systems will be made. After that, the application will go live and will be ready for use. If necessary, we will train users on how to use the application.

5 Maintenance & optimization

A carefree future!
In order to ensure safety and performance in the future, maintenance of your application is highly recommended.
With our hosting service, maintenance and updates are carried out without extra costs. Furthermore, you can rely on us to monitor your application for you, so we can make sure it runs properly at all times. When we think we can make your solution faster, better or smarter, we will contact you and inform you about the possibilities.