Web Applications

Web applications

Automate work processes online?

Web applications are meant to make business processes run more efficient whilst saving costs and reducing work load.

With a custom-made application you can streamline processes, improve client communication or put it to use for service and support. The main advantage with web applications is that they are available anywhere and anytime on different devices. Real-time or periodic synchronization with your offline or online data can be built in.
Stand alone applications like website modules, mobile websites or mobile applications, can off course also be developed by us.


Acknowlegde the need for improvement

How often do we feel that we are doing recurring tasks with which we sense that these tasks can be done easier and faster. Re-entering the same data, experiencing inefficient data flow and communication or storing data decentralized are all indications that automation can be improved.


Also outside the office

Also for external processes, involving client contact or even for your clients business processes, automation can save costs and reduce work load. Regarding this, one of our case stories applies where we developed a renovation costs calculator for SCIO Consult. With this application, municipal officials can do complex calculations on home renovation projects for disabled people. Using the application reduces contractor costs and renders the need for construction consultants obsolete. 


How we could be of service to you?

If applicable we could be of help in tracking down and analyzing problems and inefficiencies in current automation and business processes. Based on a thourough intake process we will define functional requirements as a basis for the application to be developed. The next step is choosing the right technology and start developing the application. Here you can read about our approach in detail.